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The time has come for you to focus on you and we’ve got you!

At B.I.G. we are dedicated to helping you, a smart, talented, and special woman, be who you are meant to be. We are committed to giving you a platform where you can rediscover and share your unique gifts and talents with the world.

As a global organization, B.I.G. fosters real communities for women and we invite you to explore B.I.G. Connecticut has to offer:


You Deserve to Live Your Dreams.


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Nothing can be built successfully without the proper tools to assist you in the process. Whether it’s building a business or building a healthy family, we all need the tools and resources that can enable us to succeed.

At B.I.G. we are gifted with hundreds of smart, talented, and highly educated women who generously share their unique talents and skills with each other through our many online meetings, workshops, and coaching sessions. Our cumulative B.I.G. “brain trust” is instrumental in helping you, our valued members, move closer to reaching your goals and dreams more efficiently, effectively, and with a lot more fun!

We invite you to join our supportive and nurturing community of amazing and diverse women from around the world who are truly invested in each other’s goals and successes.